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A seminar that will position you to: transform your mind, revitalize your health and steward your finance.
Be all you were destined to be in the marketplace, in your spiritual life, and in any other areas you are looking to grow as you learn how to be  transformed from "Egg to Butterfly"
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Presented by  Desrene Stewart, Founder & CEO

Join Desrene for this life-changing seminar.  Learn how to be effective on your journey of BECOMING.

In this seminar, we will cover


Confident Businesswoman

Cindy Khan-Jordan, Ph.D.

"Transformation Egg to Butterfly" is an enlightening seminar for those that need a step-by-step guide on how to evolve to their fullest potential. Pastor Desrene created a system that uses natural metaphors for practical life application. It's not just a seminar, it's a life-changing experience!

Confident Woman

Apostle Fidel Donaldson,
Author and Bible Teacher

“Transformation Egg to Butterfly 🦋 is a revelation from the Father every child of God should be exposed to. It is Third-Dimension teaching that is both authentic and life-transforming.”

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