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Pastor Desrene Stewart

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Desrene is a woman on the front line who is destined to see the lives of others transform. She began her journey of coaching, mentoring and empowerment speaking in 2006. She has mentored and coached hundreds through her “Transformation Egg to Butterfly” seminars that has helped attendees to understand that it does not matter what season of their life they are in, they can be effective and become the butterfly they are destined to be. She has spoken on several different platforms and her journey has led her throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. She is a sought-after speaker and is a certified, Master’s Life, Life Purpose, Goal Success and Professional Life coach. 

She is the author of “Birthing Praise Out of Your Pain” which is aimed at letting others know that where they are coming from has nothing to do with where they are going and it doesn't matter how difficult their situation may seem, they can push past it and turn their pain into purpose and their sorrows into their story.  Birthing Praise was written out of a place of pain when she stopped working and experienced a very difficult season. She understood that she could not give up but push past her limitations so her journey to BECOMING would continue. 

Desrene’s coaching approach will help clients to gain clarity and direction and be able to identify the areas in which they desire to grow. She will assist her clients in setting goals and objectives to become successful and get on a path to live their best life. 

We have all been born with a defined purpose and to solve a particular problem here on earth. You already have everything you need on the inside of you to become successful.  She would love the opportunity to help you reach each milestone one step at a time and gain the satisfaction and success you desire and deserve.

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